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Title: Is it possible to have a painless slipped disc?
Post by: ruukdavids on August 12, 2017, 07:59:11 am
I've had a lack of feeling all over my body for months and weakness in my legs, I used to be able to pull my hair slightly and it would hurt and bring me to tears, now I can pull my hair to ripping point and feel only a little pain. I have recently noticed my spine has 2 large bumps in the lower area, could this be a slipped disc? I used to work with computers and I played computers since I was 13, I never went out much 'cause I had social anxiety, I always slouch and have bad posture, I'm 18 now so almost 5 years of constant bad posture and also I crack my back like 20 times a day...... Slipped disc? or anything else?
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