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1  Neuros OSD / Neuros OSD - I need help! / Re: Use as a DVR on: December 16, 2016, 05:16:02 pm
I just stumbled across this post and thought I would throw some light on this subject in case someone else is looking for a similar solution. If you have a several cameras that you need to capture and record images from at only certain times your best bet is to go for a CCTV Recorder which supports recording schedules like those supplied by DTS Digital. Setting a recording schedule ensures that the unit only records the cameras you want when you want. A typical recording schedule will be set out like the one below;

This is the firmware for a Hikvision unit and they manufacturer many of the DVRs distributed by companies all over Europe and the US. This is for a standard resolution recorder but you can set a schedule on most recorders in the market such as NVR or HD coax units. The image shows the days and the times and each blue square donates an hour of time so from this you can probably see how you would go about setting up a recording schedule for your system. You could possibly do it with the Neuros OSD but with security based recorders you can introduce up to 128 cameras and providing your hard drive has sufficient storage you can record all of them based on your schedule settings.
2  Neuros Digital Audio Computer / Neuros Digital Audio Computer - I need help! / Re: Close the case on: December 10, 2016, 04:10:41 pm
I find a ten hour charge works best for my device and yes it deffinatley charges faster when it is off.
3  Neuros Digital Audio Computer / Neuros Digital Audio Computer - I need help! / Re: SD Card? on: December 10, 2016, 04:07:40 pm
I think IDE was pretty much obselete when SSD camer about.
4  Neuros World / General Discussion / Re: Nursing vs. massage therapy? on: December 09, 2016, 05:55:40 pm
Have you thought about doing care work whilst training to be a nurse just to build up your experience.
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