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Developer info
Najlepsze nieruchomo?ci Kraków znajdziecie pod adresem  , pi?kne wielometra?owe mieszkania z luksusowym wyposa?eniem w dobrych cenach.

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I've had a lack of feeling all over my body for months and weakness in my legs, I used to be able to pull my hair slightly and it would hurt and bring me to tears, now I can pull my hair to ripping point and feel only a little pain. I have recently noticed my spine has 2 large bumps in the lower area, could this be a slipped disc? I used to work with computers and I played computers since I was 13, I never went out much 'cause I had social anxiety, I always slouch and have bad posture, I'm 18 now so almost 5 years of constant bad posture and also I crack my back like 20 times a day...... Slipped disc? or anything else?
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Ok, So I just have been bored for the past 3924 hours, and I decided I wanted to play a game online where you choose your own destiny. I've been searching google and haven't found anything Tongue So please, if you know any ONLINE FREE Choose your own Adventure kinda game, I'd appreciate it,
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Hi - I've left this post just to point out that a "raandom question" followed by a short link is actually a spam written in a way that is supposed to look like a legit. question. This user has posted over 250 of them, such as "Near about 8 years ago an unknown insect bited on my wife’s right hand ..." followed by a link to a doctor, or "Im interested in being a chiropractor and i am currently majoring in biology ..." followed by a link to a chiropractor.

And so on, seemingly endlessly. Sad

My advice? Don't feed the trolls. Smiley

 on: July 18, 2017, 01:35:23 pm 
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Sorry for the delay, I don't visit here often these days...

I am having problems where the neuros fails to recognize USB flashdrives (every brand I try) unless I reboot the machine with the flash drive already in the machine.  Is there a fix for this?

I think some of the larger modern Flash drives use a sector size that the OSD doesn't like. I have a few USB sticks around here that the OSD won't touch.

That said - I believe the DM320 (the chip inside) only supports USB 1.1. As such, I almost exclusively use SD cards. The recordings, for me, have proven to be much more reliable.

some of the MP4 do not open under any circumstances while others play normally.

Are you using higher bitrates? Is your USB drive capable of sustained writing at speed (you might be surprised to find USB sticks are good at bursts of data, but many suck at doing it non-stop over a long period of time).

Try a decent SD card. I use Emtec 16GB, SanDisk 16GB and Samsung 32GB and they work well for me.

I assume since the website no longer has firmware upgrades and I cant find any neuors osd for sale that the company has gone out of business- is this true?

I don't know if the business has ceased - I doubt it as somebody needs to pay to host this forum! However, SD quality analogue video is, these days, something of a relic. It's a shame, I'm very fond of my OSD, but that's how it goes.
Look on the bright side, everybody is falling in love with vinyl again, so maybe in thirty years we'll think analogue video is cool. ;-)

If you should need firmware for emergency purposes, I have copies at but you're on your own with them (no support). Use them only if something is broken.
Be careful of OSDng too. It's better, but I don't know if it can be installed stand-alone or if it requires additional resources on a server long gone...
Best wishes,


 on: May 12, 2017, 03:20:17 pm 
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Is the Neuros OSD even available?  I've been searching for it for the longest.

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