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The information that follows is a warning for those interested in starting or even those operating an existing on line reseller business.

Last year I decided to start an on line reseller business with Wild West Domains, affiliated with I believed this to be a credible choice for my registrar.

Wild West Domains ( backed by offers a reseller package for those willing to invest in an on line or ecommerce business. Their software package has and does all the backend and front-end work for you, so all that is required from the webmaster is to design a landing page, modify a few standard templates, and go from there. All of the support, billing, advertisement, and the mundane everyday tasks are completed for you.

…moving forward about 9 months.

On average I was receiving about 120 hits per day. For a 9 month period that adds up to a total of about 32,000 hits. These statistics are based on my online activity program sponsored by Wild West Domains.

I became suspicious when no inquiries were ever received. So I tested the system and discovered all inquiries submitted from my site eBusiness Resource Center ( [REDACTED] ) stopped cold at the sales team of Wild West Domains.

I know this to be the case because I sent in 3 different inquiries by email from eBusiness Resource Center’s site sales support form. In each letter I mentioned the site name and URL: [REDACTED], and that I was interested in the products and services eBusiness Resource Center offered.

I was never notified of these inquiries. Each reply received through my sales support form only mentioned Wild West Domains as the service provider. eBusiness Resource Center was never mentioned even though the lead came from my site.

After reading the correspondence from the replies, I realized that eBusiness Resource Center was removed from the payment loop.

Be careful with whom you do business with!
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This is not the type of reseller this forum is for, but thanks...
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