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Author Topic: Yaaaay Windows.  (Read 2749 times)
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« on: May 30, 2009, 05:48:57 pm »

Just finished installing Windows 7 on the Link and so far it's working great!  I had a couple small hiccups, so I'm including my steps here in case anyone else has similar issues.

1. Pop the box open and install a hard drive.  You'll need an IDE cable too.

2. Get ahold of a copy of Windows.  You might as well grab the free release candidate of Windows 7 here:

3. Get ahold of a USB flash drive.  Note: I tried to boot off of an external hard drive in a USB enclosure, and couldn't get the computer to recognize it.  So you'll need an actual flash drive, at least 4 gigs.

4. Make the USB flash drive active & formatted FAT32.  I originally tried doing this through Vista's Disk Management, but just could not get the Link to recognize the drive as bootable.  I finally used Windows' DISKPART utility from the command line, and that worked flawlessly.  Full instructions are here:

5. Copy the Windows install files to the USB flash drive.  If you downloaded the Windows 7 RC, you'll either need to burn a DVD first (which is what I did), or use a program like Undisker to copy all the files out of the ISO disk image.

6. Boot the Link from this USB flash drive, and Windows should automatically start the install process.  For me, some of the unpacking/copying processes ran sloooooow, so you may need to be patient.  In fact, after the install background wallpaper first appeared, it took several more minutes before the first actual install window appeared!

7. When the Link is forced to auto-reboot the first time, unplug the USB flash drive, so that it boots from the internal hard drive to finish the installation process.  If you don't do this, it will try to re-start the Windows installation from the beginning again.  If that happens, it's not a big deal; just shut the Link off, remove the USB flash drive, and turn it back on.

Once installation is done, you can plug the original USB key that came with the Link to boot to Linux, or remove it anytime you want to boot to Windows.
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