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Author Topic: Solved!! Writable /etc/inittab  (Read 15161 times)
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Re: tn's "setrtc" program.

Did you try the attached executable?  If yes, then I'm guessing you found it to not-work, because it was compiled for Torfu (right?).

Anyway, I can't compile it because I never bothered to setup the full Neuros dev environment.  I just setup gcc and enough libs and such to compile ordinary C programs.

And, ultimately, the RTC doesn't matter enough to me to worry about it.  As long as I can set it reliably on boot, I'm happy.  Still, once you get your dev environment back, you should take tn's idea and make a proper "hwclock" program out of it - and post the results for us all.

P.S.  It occurs to me that setting the time via the GUI should update the RTC (if I am reading between the lines correctly), so, if you wanted to do that as a one-shot, you could easily do that.  Further, since I now possess the technology to "script the GUI" (using WinBatch), I could easily write a script to update the RTC programmatically.

P.P.S.  Regarding your "I'm living in multiple timezones" issue.  You could fix this in the Expect - adding or subtracting 3600 to the value passed to the [timestamp] command.  I leave it to you to work out the details.
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Thanks for the input!

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