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Hi all,

I have been unsuccessful re-imaging v1.3 for the original Link.  I have tried using two different machines, but both are running Windows 7 64-bit.  I have tried everything I can think of as far as compatibility modes, running as administrator, formatting the drive as different file systems, etc., but nothing seems to get me past the error messages.  I believe it is a standard message that others have listed, regarding not being able to access the location.

So, I am looking for a recommendation as to another route to try on Win 7 64-bit, or a specific recommendation for a Live CD that will work.  Thank you.

What restore method are you using?  Which image are you using?  (.img or .partimage)

What is the precise error message?

Sorry for my delay.  I'd gotten so frustrated with this process that when the answer wasn't what I was looking for, I wasn't in the mood to figure anything out.  Also, I misplaced the flash drive.

So, I just tried again, and the error is:

Write thread encountered ESelfImageFileError exception: "Error while writing to \Device\Harddisk2\Partition0: Access is Denied."

I am an administrator, and I have tried all of the various compatibiilty and administrator options I can think of.  I even turned UAC off completely.  I got nowhere.  Thus, why I was looking for a different option, rather than bang my head against the wall with this one.  Since I tried it on two different Windows 7 64-bit machines, and the procedure is rather old, I figure it has something to do with that setup.  I know I have done it successfully in the past, but probably on Windows XP and/or Vista 32-bit.

Have you tried/can you restore to \Device\Harddisk2 instead of Harddisk2\Partition0?

Are you using the SelfImage method?  Which image?

That is the error I get when I select the whole disk.  I am using selfimage with the 1.3 image for the original ATI link ( neuroslink-1.3.img.bz2 ).

I recently acquired a low-profile nVidia card.  Is it worth trying to use the nVidia image with that card installed, or is that not likely to work?


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