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Author Topic: Help! Neuros II will not start up  (Read 1672 times)
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« on: January 25, 2012, 04:40:09 pm »

Hello everyone,I recently decided to use my Neuros II to transmit to my car stereo.Everything was going really well until I started to sync to my pc to load my tunes.Then the Neuros II died and would not start again...dead.I tried every trick I knew to no avail.Here's the deal.It has been running on dc power for about 3 years straight,and I'm thinking the battey may be TOTALLY dead.Do you think the unit should still work when powered by the wall wart if the battery is shot?Any ideas or facts would be REALLY appreciated.I refuse to let my baby die.Thanks in advance guys.....LK
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*Should* the unit work when the battery is toast?  Probably.  But as it's designed, the battery is used as a capacitor, and so if it is totally shot, the unit won't turn on.

I did respond to your support e-mail just a few minutes ago with the usual suspects to see if this can get fixed.
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