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Author Topic: OSD large SD card support  (Read 1150 times)
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If this is of interest to anybody, my OSD worked happily over the (lame! *) winter break with a fairly generic (and inexpensive) Verbatim 32Gb SD card. While I was expecting a price roughly €1/Gb, my supermarket had them on for €22 so of course I picked up another!

Here's a screenshot:

My advice, if you're looking to use a harddisc with your OSD... Pop one of these in, and periodically just copy files off of it onto your harddisc (using a computer, quickest way). That way, your harddisc is only running when you need it to, less power required, and if anything gets messed up (power cut, etc), you've risked the stuff on the SD card, not a year's worth of recordings...

Best wishes,


* - as it happens, I think I recorded maybe eight things over Christmas. The rest of the SD card is full of this season's animé. Was television much better when I was a tot, or was the mini-me easier to please? I mean, Lazytown's Stephanie is kinda cute, but I don't get the likes of teletubbies at all, and spongebob? WTF? What happened to the likes of Trumpton or Bagpuss, or Moomins? Maybe I'm just upset having recently watched "Epic Movie" and realising that any of the half-assed ideas I have in my head are WAY better. I mean, who actually laid down cash to get a movie that horrible produced? The hot thing back when might have been "The Empire Strikes Back" (again, and again, moichido mo-ichi-do! [%]) but at least it had a story, and wasn't... what is it, a parody of a parody of a parody or something? Grrrr...

% - your Japanese word for the day: moe-ee-chee-doh, means "again".
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