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Author Topic: Board mods?  (Read 1096 times)
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Just changing the battery in my OSD (re. other threads...) and I noticed two whacking great capacitors stuck into my OSD and glue-gunned into place. In a comparison between this and the "dead" OSD, the dead one doesn't have these. My OSD is a "B9" and the dead one would, I guess, be slightly later as a "C9". Both are NOR flash versions with CF.

Does anybody with deep technical knowledge of the OSD hang around here? I'm wondering what these capacitors are actually for.

Here is the first mod, just beside the RAM. I note also that my (generally reliable!) OSD uses Hynix SRAM type 561620 [256M (16M x 16bit)], while the dead OSD uses Samsung SRAM 561632 [256M (4 x 4M x 16bit)]. Does the change in memory type/architecture have an effect on how the system behaves?

Here is the second mod, up by the SD slot but on the topside. The (single) FlashROM is the same.

With respect to the "dead" OSD, I plan to solder wires to connect the JTAG to a standard size IDC socket to permit the wiggler thingy to be attached. Fingers crossed that it's a bad flash update (recoverable) and not something having lost its magic smoke (not recoverable). It's going to be a hell of a job soldering up something that tiny!

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