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Author Topic: Ultimate Neuros os EvoLinuxTV  (Read 1971 times)
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« on: October 18, 2012, 09:43:09 am »

based on peppermint 3 everything preloaded ready to run hulu-fire,minitube,tv-maxe,and much more
for people with the Link it is  the ultimate os can do as livedvd-liveusb
made as a ram loader so make sure to have loads of ram if not order the regular livedvd or liveusb
I have a video on Youtube which will be updated this weekend but the old one will suffice for the moment.
search EvoLinuxTV on youtube and ebay for Neuros owners i will sell for 29.00 +shipping.
there is nothing like this out there can also be installed to the hard drive any questions please email me at
Thx OldSmoke
this is not intended for Linux people only as it all works upon boot nothing to configure programs are preinstalled.
this also will work on desktops,laptops and netbooks
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