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Author Topic: Ultimate Neuros os EvoLinuxTV  (Read 2007 times)
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« on: October 18, 2012, 09:43:09 am »

based on peppermint 3 everything preloaded ready to run hulu-fire,minitube,tv-maxe,and much more
for people with the Link it is  the ultimate os can do as livedvd-liveusb
made as a ram loader so make sure to have loads of ram if not order the regular livedvd or liveusb
I have a video on Youtube which will be updated this weekend but the old one will suffice for the moment.
search EvoLinuxTV on youtube and ebay for Neuros owners i will sell for 29.00 +shipping.
there is nothing like this out there can also be installed to the hard drive any questions please email me at sukitoto@gmail.com.
Thx OldSmoke
this is not intended for Linux people only as it all works upon boot nothing to configure programs are preinstalled.
this also will work on desktops,laptops and netbooks
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