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Author Topic: Tenant issues needed resolved?  (Read 79 times)
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Here's my problem. Me my husband and my son plus a friend his wife and 2 daughters moved into a house in January. The friend has no income so they decided that they are going to move. They decided a while ago to get out and we took over the lease. All papers have been redone. They are becoming more pests than anything. The landlord is 100 percent on our sides. We keep telling them they need to get out by such date and they keep making excuses. Mainly because they are broke. But at the moment I could care less. They are disgusting people and don't even care for the animals the own. Neither of their dogs have shots or fixed. I'm here all day everyday cleaning up after them and their 3 dogs. I have 2 dogs myself. Both are fixed and are current on vaccines. Don't no if someone can help me or not. Finally have the landlord making them a 10 notice to vacate but they will probably smooth talk my landlord once again...they have not paid anything towards the rent or bills in my home since February. And that was only 300.00! Like I said only me my son and husband are on the New lease. They was suppose to be out the first of April. They have a house that needs a few things done to it. But it's good enough that they can live in it and fix it up at the same time. They have piles of bags and boxes all over my house. I just want them gone! Someone please just give me some input on something that can be done.
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