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I just read about your Neuros OSD in the New York Times.  As a consumer who is very unsatisfied with her Sony 400 DVD disc changer, I'm looking for a viable alternative for storing my large movie collection.  Yet upon reading that the Neuros OSD uses a 1.1 USB port for connecting external drives, I can't justify the purchase of your product.  Now, if you were to upgrade to a Firewire 800 or at least a FW400, the task of storing the videos wouldn't be so daunting-- that is, it would take a fraction of a time.  Any thoughts on this?  Perhaps your next product version could include a Firewire port allowing for faster downloads? 
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You can use a PC (or Mac) to load up an external drive with the appropriate video files using USB2 or FireWire as appropriate, and then connect it to the OSD for playback.  Since the OSD only records at single-speed anyway, nothing greater than USB1.1 is required for anything below HD-bitrate files.  (Or just save the files to your PC and share them across a network!)

While it is less than ideal for copying files over a network to the external hard drive, there are simple enough workarounds.

It sounds like USB2 is going to be included in the OSD 2, but FireWire is not in the stars as of right now...  Though I'm sure if enough people ask for it, the design team will see what they can do.
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